How to Embed YouTube Videos

So you have a YouTube Channel and a website. There are many ways to get a video onto your website, but embedding the video is definitely the best way and will get you more views while keeping your audience on your website instead of venturing off to YouTube.

  1. Go to the video you want to embed on YouTube
  2. Click “Share” below your video.
  3. Click “Embed.”
  4. Make sure you uncheck “Show suggested videos when the video finishes.”
  5. Select your size and copy the code from the box. (you can even create a custom size)
  6. Paste it into your website (you must be in source code or HTML view).
  7. Save and go push play on your new video.
Note: Embedding code is not a good time to use the Save Draft, Preview, Publish steps that we usually teach. Just paste the code and hit Publish! WordPress can get a little attitude and remove code if you try to preview first.

You’ll have a thumbnail of your video with a play button right on your website. So much better than just a link!