PDF Converter

In any business, you often have the need to edit a PDF or convert a document or image to PDF.  One that we use at The Tech Byte is PDFill PDF Editor . There is both a free and paid version (about $30) of this product. We use the upgraded paid version for our business.

The two best benefits for us is  Save to PDF and Edit PDF. We do a lot of work with companies and associations, so it is imperative that we have the ability to edit PDF’s. Often times they will want edits to existing workbooks and this is a huge time saver so we don’t need to recreate the entire book. We can convert the material, make our edits and resave.

Another great use is when you receive a Form via email that needs to be completed and returned.  Generally, you have to print the form and scan it back. With PDFill PDF Editor you can actually complete the form and return it.

Like any new software it takes some getting used to. We suggest you play with it a bit so you can get the hang of it. Once you learn it, I bet you’ll use it over and over again!