Email All in One Place

Managing a number of different email accounts can be grueling if you have to log into each one separately to check and reply to messages. Why not have them all go into one place? Sign into one place and check your various email addresses – and- you can even reply as the same email address the message was sent to with GMAIL.

I love GMAIL. I can’t believe I fought letting go of Outlook a few years ago, but honestly, I never looked back once I did. There is just too much Google Goodness to miss anything else.

Let’s talk about how you can gather all of your emails in one place. Note: There is more than one way to do this, I am going with the easy way for you. (Reference: Fetch Email and Retrieve in GMAIL for the POP3 method)

  1. If you don’t have a GMAIL account, sign up for your free Google Email account here. We will call this your Main GMAIL account. This is where we’ll set up all of your email to feed into.
  2. Sign in to each of your email accounts and set up to forward all email to your Main GMAIL account. If your additional account(s) are GMAIL edresses, go to Settings (the wheel in the upper, right corner), Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Add your Main GMAIL edress.
  3. GMAIL will send a confirmation email to your Main GMAIL edress to verify forwarding is what you really want. The email will have a confirmation number which you will need to enter in the settings of your forwarded email account.

That’s it to have your email messages forwarded. Follow the steps for each email account you would like to forward to your Main GMAIL account. But, how do you reply as the same email address it was sent to? Check out this post: GMAIL | Reply Using Same Email Address. You can also set up email signatures for each account, see this post: GMAIL | Using Signatures.