Sunshine in your Real Estate Listing Photos

One of my favorite places to buy shoes online is While the company is noted for customer service, the website’s ability to show off products is my favorite feature. It isn’t unusual to find eight or 10 photos of a single pair of shoes.  If a $75 pair of shoes is worthy of multiple photos, then our listings deserve the same. In fact, the  2011 National Association of REALTORS® Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers indicated that 85 percent of buyers find listing photos to be very useful.

If you have ever arrived to take a listing photo and experienced the frustration of having the sun in exactly the wrong place, then Light Trac is exactly what you are looking for. Light Trac is an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices that helps you plan your listing photo shoot ahead of time. Simply enter your listing address, and Light Trac calculates the angle of the sun on a map for any location. You’ll know what time of day the sun will be behind you, the best time to shoot the exterior of your listing.. Listing photos are the first “drive-by” for home shoppers searching the Internet. Taking great interior photos is important, and capturing the best “main” exterior photo is critical. And there’s a way to achieve the perfect exterior photo.

Use Light Trac, get outside, and take your greatest listing photos yet!