Could Your Cell Phone Cost You a Listing?

About a year ago, I took a lovely listing on a home in my favorite market area. The seller explained that he had interviewed another agent but decided he wasn’t comfortable working with him. It seems the agent was holding his cell phone during the meeting and glanced down at the phone several times during the appointment. The seller felt that his behavior was unprofessional.

My seller was right. He expected to receive the full attention of the agent but didn’t get it. Glancing a few times at a cell phone seems like such a little thing, but in this case, it was enough to matter.

I have a three  rules I follow when I’m meeting with sellers:

1. Even in the worst of homes, I find something in which I can use to compliment the seller.

2. I try not to talk about myself too much.

3. And finally, I never carry my phone into an appointment.  If my competition had the same policy, he would have had the listing.

Getting ready for an appointment? Leave your phone in your car!