iLinc Webinar Platform

The webinar platform we use for our online session delivery is iLinc.

Just in case you haven’t seen iLinc up close and personal – here is a little tour about how to get started.

First, you’ll want to either click on the link we provide you OR type the URL address into the web address bar in your browser and enter your name and email address:

The application will download and although each internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) will vary in where the application is found, you need to open and run the application:

After you have accepted by saying “yes” and “run” you will be logged into the computer part of iLinc.

Now you need to hear! A woman will come on the screen asking you how you would like to connect and you will see two options. (You can mouse over on the woman and click the (X) button if you would like her to be quiet, it is usually the first thing I do).

If you are attending a webinar or conference other than individual coaching, you can connect via your computer speakers or by telephone for the audio portion. If you expect to be heard (like on one on one coaching), you will need to use the telephone option only.

Now, let’s talk about some functions while you are using iLinc.

When a speaker is sharing their screen, you may want to access the chat box to ask questions (or listen to some). You can access the chat box by taking your mouse and moving it to the top of the screen like it will fly off your monitor. You will see a drop down menu that allows you to click on [CONTAINERS] and select [Float Chat].

You can now use the Chat box to speak to all attendees or use the private tab and double click on a name to access private chat to that person.

If the speaker is sharing and you still have your sidebar, you can see the chat box in the lower left corner of the screen.

We want you to have a great experience while viewing our online learning sessions. Please let us know if you have any problems – we just might be able to assist. We have found the webinar platforms much like the airlines… there are issues with them all, we just like to keep them to a minimum.