The Best Camera App Ever!

Camera+ App for Real EstateI love apps about as much as I love jewelry and handbags.  I collect them in categories and my largest and favorite collection falls under the photography category. I’ve pretty much decided my iPhone camera is all I need in most situations, although I do use a “real” camera for my listing photos.

My very favorite app is Camera+. It’s called the “Ultimate Photo App” for a reason. It offers the standard stuff like cropping and borders, but this app delivers a number of fabulous filters. The Clarity filter is enough to make it worth the tiny investment of 99¢, but you can produce amazing effects from other features like HDR and Grunge. Take photos directly from this app and save the enhanced version to your camera’s photo stream or post directly to your social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, you can only fall in love with this app if you use an iPhone or iPad. Even without the phone, you can import photos to an iPad and take advantage of most of the features.

I took the photo above from a moving tour bus in Washington, D.C., and as a result must agree with the Life Hacker blog,  ”There are about ten million camera apps for iPhone (approximately). Some are great, some are specialized, and some are a complete waste of your time. The best, however is Camera+”