Track Homes Shown with Buyers

Wow your Buyer Real Estate Clients

This continues to be one of the most popular Wow Moments people have when I speak about Google Tools for your Real Estate transactions. I have to give credit to Mariana Wagner and Kelley Koehler who are the originators of this idea – I just tweaked it a bit for myself.

Find something that works for you and your real estate buyers. For my tech savvy buyers, this spreadsheet was it. Using Google Drive, create a spreadsheet and collaborate on information with your buyers regarding the homes you have seen. This is a great way to track what homes you have seen and if/when they sold. I found this helps with the “Let’s revamp what you’re looking for” conversations after viewing many homes with everything on their list.


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Columns include: MLS#, Address, City, Starting Price, Price during Showing, Price at the time of updating the sheet, Sold Price, Settlement Date, 1st Showing date, 2nd Showing Date, Buyer Notes, Agent (my) Notes.

Get your Buyers’ Input

You can share the document by going to [file] and [share] and adding an email address. You can also change to be viewable by anyone with a link and share the URL. (I would use a URL shortener like or

We’ll be covering this in more detail as well as many other great ways to use Google Tools during our Google Training Camp. Held online live (1-hour per week) or recorded for 6 weeks. Google Camp information here.