Read Notify Might Save Your Butt Someday!

Have you ever wondered if a client actually received the e-mail you sent? ReadNotify will track your e-mail and tell you the date and time it was opened as well as how long the -email was read, how many times it was opened and whether it was forwarded. If you included a URL in your message, ReadNotify will also let you know if the URL was clicked. PDF document tracking is also available.

The process is pretty simple. Once you sign up for an account, compose an e-mail and type “” on the end of the recipient’s e-mail address. Or you can set your account up for automatic tracking. It’s that easy!

Even though ReadNotify might seem like “Big Brother,” I find it a very useful tool when sending important communications. If you have ever been called into court, having a read receipt could make the difference. I use ReadNotify’s basic subscription plan that costs only $24 a year.