High Tech High Touch

New technologies offer us many opportunities to reach our clients and database, including e-newsletters, text messages and e-mail drip campaigns. While I love the ease of using technology to stay in touch, I also believe in the power of a short note.

I was a frequent attendee of  the Howard Brinton Conferences for a number of years, and while Howard is now retired, I still listen to his Star Power CD Series. One of my favorite ideas came from California agent Bob Wolff. He had a routine of writing notes every day to not only clients, but to average people he came in contact with. He has some amazing stories of how a simple note “touched” someone enough to create future business for him.

As a result of listening to his story, I’ve tried to keep up the routine of writing short notes on a daily basis. People are really surprised and pleased to receive a personal handwritten note. I’ve even had people call to thank me for a thank-you note!

Rather than just using regular store-bought notecards, technology can make a good idea even better. I’ve started taking digital photos of my community and turning them into high-quality notecards from a fun company called Moo. Although the cards are more expensive than the store-bought variety, they are unforgettable. And being unforgettable is a good thing.