GMAIL – Send mail later

One of my favorite GMAIL add ons is Boomerang. It allows you to do a few things including scheduling your email to be sent later. They have a free or paid version. I have been using the free one for about a year now.

It is easy to install and use within your GMAIL. When you compose or reply to a message, you’ll see a drop down box where you can schedule or have the message delivered to you again, similar to a reminder.

Let’s put this into practical uses:

  • Schedule an e-mail to send during business hours, although you wrote it during those crazy late-night or early bird hours.
  • Commit to follow up with a client in “a week” or “on Monday” and immediately compose an e-mail with it set to deliver as promised.
  • Alert yourself with a Boomerang e-mail sent to yourself as a reminder for important deadlines.
  • As soon as you receive notification of a showing appointment on one of your listings, set up an e-mail to the showing agent requesting feedback to be sent after their showing.
  • Schedule some Facebook posts via email to be sent to your custom Facebook email address that posts to your business page

Give it a try. I could never throw a Boomerang correctly, but this… I can use :)