Who Cares about the Number of Connections!

I can’t get over how many people are still stuck on the numbers with their Social Networking sites despite the teachings out there that it isn’t about the numbers of people you follow – it’s about the value and quality those people provide to you.

It’s important to keep track of the connections you have on your networks. Whether it be how many people you follow on Twitter or how many Facebook friends you are connected with. What’s the purpose? Think IRL in real life,  how many friends can you really pay attention to at a time ? You probably have your circle of very close friends & family, your friends, acquaintances you might run into here or there, and strangers. Online is no different. The number of connections has no relevance; focus on the value and quality of those connections.

Value is going to be different for everyone. If people make you laugh with humorous posts – that could be valuable to you. Maybe it’s about the latest sports news. Or just maybe, it’s people who live in the area in which you practice real estate, aka your locals. Each person’s lists of connections will be different.

It is much easier to have conversations and be in touch with smaller groups of people. Don’t worry about the numbers in your connection wrap up. Make your networks easier to manage and focus on building those valuable relationships. It’s a much better, smarter place to be.