Making “Friends”

We talked about how important it is to focus on the quality of connections you have when building your online connections in a recent post here on The Tech Byte Blog. Now let’s talk about how you can meet new people and make friends out there in the online world.

First, think of how you meet people for the first time in your physical life. You might just end up at the same place at the same time and begin a casual conversation. Perhaps, you have some mutual friends that introduce you. How would you feel if strangers just approached you and said, “Hi! Want to be friends? We can share each other’s pictures of our kids and food and we can tell each other what we are doing every single day?”

I think this might turn you off a bit. Take a look at what it looks like:

Approach your online networking the same way you would relationships that you make offline. If you send a friend request on Facebook, find the message button and send them a little message of introduction or reminder how you know them. Note: Some people will not have the option of messaging enabled on Facebook if you are not already friends with them. If you are going to hit the follow button on Twitter, send a Tweet of hello while you’re at it.

Now do you understand why I have had in my Twitter profile for years… “I want connection!”