Click Here! Not.


virus wormI received yet another link in my email this morning and I know I wasn’t alone. This phishing scam is rampant and it won’t stop without educating over and over again. Do not click. No, not ever, just be very wary of any link – even if you know the sender.

I’m surprised this gets some people but I can also see how you can get caught off guard. I recommend you join me in erring on the side of caution. When I receive a link that isn’t explained in detail with personal (vs. general) information, I don’t click. If it looks like it might be legit, I email the person directly and ask if they sent a link for me to read at such-and-such a date/time.

email virus

It just goes on and on and on

Yesterday I was a speaker at the REMDA Luncheon in Maryland and someone asked before the session, “How does this email linking scam keep going on and on? How does it happen?” Each attack, whether a virus, worm, or trojan can be very different, but I believe this is more a phishing scam and when you click on the link, boom!, your contact list gets sent the same link you clicked on and it looks like it is from you.

But I already did…

If you already clicked on a link, the most immediate thing to do is to change your password, restart your internet session, and run an antivirus scan. However, often, that is not enough. You can read more about computer viruses and how to get rid on them on this United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team site.

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