Your Facebook Email Address

I often give presentations on “Facebook for Real Estate,” and I liken it to teaching a moving target. The folks at Facebook are constantly making changes and often without warning —sometimes they even change your settings without letting you know. A major change happened almost a year ago, and I’ve discovered there are still many agents who remain unaware of the change.

What did Facebook do now?

They changed the default e-mail address listed in your “Contact” info to a e-mail address. That address is probably not the one you want to use for your clients and contacts. The good news is that it’s an easy fix.

Go to your profile page, click on “about.” Scroll down to your “contact info” and click on “edit.” Click on the circle next to your Facebook e-mail address to change the setting to “Hidden from Timeline.”  Then click the circle next to the e-mail address or addresses you want to use, and change the settings to “Shown on Timeline.” While there, you can also choose who has permission to see your e-mail address. It’s that easy!

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