Toys for Smart Phones

More and more people are using their smart phone for photography. At one time I carried 2 cameras in my car; a compact camera with a nice wide angle lens for a quick shot, and my fancy but heavy DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) Canon Rebel. Now, except for my listing photo shoots or a particular project, I mostly only carry my iPhone. You don’t need to be an iPhone user to be a Phoneographer.  Most smartphones will do!

While  smart phones can take amazing photos with apps like Camera+ for the iPhone and Pro HDR Camera for the Android, there are other cool tools that can give you the help you need to be an even better Phoneographer.

  • The iStabilizer store offers a variety of lightweight and compact tripods, mounts and tools to keep your camera steady in most any situation.  These tools can make a huge difference in the quality of your smart phone photos or videos.
  • HDHat features some high quality lens kits for your iPhone as well as  some great tutorials for taking videos with your phone.
  • I’ve written in the past about Photo JoJo and how the fun folks there offer cool tips and photography tools. They also offer tripods and lens kits and a dedicated blog on Phoneography.
  • Amazon, my very favorite online store, can deliver plenty of smart phone toys. In fact, do a simple search on Amazon for “Smart Phone Lens” and you will find over 4000 results! You’ll discover plenty of choices of micro, macro and wide angle lenses.

An iPhone or Android might not always be the best substitute for a fancy DSLR but I know more than a few agents that take all of their great looking listing photos with their phone. Your smart phone gives you the ability to have an 8 megapixel camera always with you and now, with good apps and a few toys, you can be a proud phonographer with outstanding photos to share.