Google Drive vs. Dropbox

Too many options out there?

If you are confused by the many options available for filing information and documents in the cloud, you are not alone. It’s a question I am asked frequently, “Should I use Google Drive? Dropbox? Both?” I don’t want to leave out many other cloud storage options out there – there are a number to choose from in addition to Google Drive and Dropbox with options including, SugarSync, and many more. Since these two are my favorite, I thought we just stick with them :)

Share. Edit. Collaborate.

You can use either application for sharing, editing, or collaborating – they both have it covered. However, if I am working with a document that I need others to add their edits and information to, I use Google Drive for the most part. Google Drive synchronizes in real time. In fact, it’s pretty cool when others are working on the same document or spreadsheet as you – you can even see the typed words being entered on the file! Google Drive also has an instant chat option if you want to instant message with the person viewing the same document.

Keep it Handy

If I need a file to be handy no matter what device I’m using and generally will not have multiple parties involved in editing, I like Dropbox. Dropbox can be used exclusively on the web or downloaded to your computer for easy saving and file access. Dropbox recognizes most file types and keeps the formatting as the file you loaded. The reason I don’t love Dropbox when collaborating is that if by chance more than one person makes changes to the file and then saves it, you can end up with conflicted copies.

On the Road

Google Drive and Dropbox both have applications for any iOs or Android device. You can also access either using a web browser. Although it has come a long way with frequent improvements, Google Drive editing is not the easiest from a mobile device.

I have to say, I use both of these applications daily. You’ll figure out and get into your own pattern of where you prefer information. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.