Where do I Start with Implementing Technology into my Business?

It’s a question we are asked frequently at The Tech Byte and the answer is different for everyone that we speak with.

There is so much I need to do with technology and social media in my business. I don’t know the best place to start but I need your help!

In my opinion, the number one technology item you need for your business is a website. That answer doesn’t change for me, ever. Any person or business providing a service or product to another party needs to have a website. Your website will become the center of everything else you do in promoting and marketing your business. I think it’s great to have a Facebook Business Page, a presence on Google +, and tweets on Twitter connecting with people… don’t get me wrong. All of those activities can lead people back to your website where you have the heart of your business and an analytic tool to measure your results.

What type of website and the content on the website might vary from person-to-person and industry-to-industry, but the need for one does not change.

What to begin doing after you have your website up and running is more difficult to answer to a vast audience. I recommend you start with one item per month on which to focus. Don’t try to implement too many things at once or you won’t be able to devote the time necessary to learn each one and best practices – plus, you still need to work your business.

You’ve been to the conferences.
You’ve read the articles.
You’ve been a part of the links and discussion.

What piques your interest? Does an iPad fascinate you? Do you like to write articles yourself? Ask yourself these questions and when you come up with the answer you’ll know where to start.

Find something you enjoy doing and figure out a way to make money doing so.

If you hate taking pictures and can’t seem to get your thumb out of the way; don’t start a photo blog or networking on Instagram.

On the same note, if you love being in front of the camera and shooting video interviews; build a YouTube Channel that people in your area subscribe and watch.

Technology can be overwhelming if you let it be. Don’t allow it!

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