Impressing Tech Savvy Real Estate Clients

Share and Collaborate

If you have tech savvy clients they will love the organization of information and the ease of collaborating.

Collaborating can’t be easier than using Google Drive with a spreadsheet! Now, you want to be careful not to overwhelm clients of yours that would rather use anything other than a keyboard and online spreadsheet. However, as more and more people are familiar and use Google Applications on a day-to-day basis most will just love this use in their home search or home sale.


One place to take notes on the homes your buyers would like to see and saw. If you update this sheet weekly, it is a good place to track home price to sale ratios and other pertinent information you choose to use.
Click on the spreadsheet for a full page view.


Sellers like communication from their agents. If you update this workbook weekly, you won’t be seen as being completely silent. There are many options to use for sellers including click-through reports and feedback from agent showings.
Click on the spreadsheet for a full page view (be sure and check out the tabs for additional sheets).

I can’t take credit for the creativity here. I have to thank Kelley Koehler and Mariana Wagner for their expertise and willingness to share.

How you use the above is up to you – make it work for you.