Facebook Group Files

Facebook Groups contain members that share a common interest and often there is a need for a “note” or “file” that can be accessed without using the search or scroll function.

If you are a member of a group, you can create, upload, or edit an existing document.

While you are viewing your Facebook Group Page, look at the top (right under the pictures of members) and click on the [Files] tab.

You can choose to
1. Create a Document (similar to a Notepad file- just simple text)
2. Upload a File. If you upload a file, members can preview or download the file.

If you would like to edit an exisiting document, click on the File Name in the list below and you’ll see an [Edit Doc] option above the document. You can use Bold, Italic, Underline, Bullets, and Quotes. That’s it! Don’t forget to save your file.

Group Files can be helpful for many things within your group. Some uses I’ve seen include:

  • Introductions
  • Sharing links or favorite apps
  • Posting Group Rules
  • Tips
  • General Information

If you are not the Group Owner and you aren’t sure if a document file would be appropriate for your group – just ASK one of the Moderators/Administrators of the group. pssst. It probably isn’t the place to advertise your newest listing – even if it does include a butler pantry