Nurturing your Sphere

Think Like a Rock Star

I’m reading my friend, Mack Collier’s book, Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies that Turn Customers into Fans, with a foreword by Kathy Sierra and I’m reminded yet again of such an important principal of a service oriented business.

…the balance of power has shifted towards the consumer. If your brand can begin to develop closer connections with its most passionate customers, not only will you see immediate business benefits, but you will also enjoy a significant advantage over your competitors who are still clinging to an outdated model of customer management.

You’ve heard us teach at The Tech Byte the importance of building relationships with your network and it is becoming more and more significant. With so many opportunities, it’s a shame not to see more real estate agents (and small business owners) taking advantage of nurturing and connecting through relationships. Your fans will work for you. They will not hesitate to recommend you – as long as they remember you. So don’t forget your fans that already exist while you are out trying to increase your database.

Keep in Touch

How are you keeping in touch with your fans/sphere/past clients? There are many, many ways both online and offline. A short list includes:

  • Electronic and/or Print Newsletters
  • Happy Anniversary cards – in the mail!
  • Phone calls for Happy Birthdays
  • A “I thought of you while showing a home nearby” text message
  • Personal note/email/call
  • Facebook Posts, Twitter messages, Instagram shout-out

Do you need to make up for neglect?

If you have neglected your sphere, it’s ok to admit it! While you use your method of choice to reach out just apologize for not reaching out sooner. It’s better than letting more and more time pass.