iPhone or Android?

“Get an iPhone!”

“You’re missing out unless you have an Android”

You’ve heard the conversations, I’m sure. It happens every day and I’ve even seen people get into near fights about which phone is better. hmpf! This post is not going to declare either a winner over the other, so if you were wanting me to tell you which of the two to purchase – move on, not happening.

Guess what? They are both great devices. Both have their own personalities, if you talk to different people you will probably hear favorites about both.

Staying on top of your game with technology tools includes using the best smartphones available to you. It isn’t important that you are the first REALTOR® in your area with the latest model phone, but you need to make sure you aren’t missing out on time-saving tools that can help generate income and business for you. Your smartphone is one of those tools. The iPhone or Android are the best choices.

I am not going to tell if you are using a blackberry or old flip phone an older model, but it is time to grow up and let go. Do some research and move to a smartphone that will help you in your business with the communication tools and applications these two have to offer.

Top 5 reasons you should use an iPhone or Android

  • 1. There is in fact, an app for that. And this. And this and that.
  • 2. Clients are using text messages, email, and the phone – you need to receive and answer efficiently.
  • 3. You’ll be the REALTOR® who stays up-to-date with technology.
  • 4. You can access the Internet for quick information, whenever and wherever.
  • 5. Multitasking couldn’t be easier.

It’s time for you to join the masses of other REALTORS® who say, “how did I live without this?”. If you are still really wanting to hear whether you should choose an iPhone or an Android as a real estate agent, here you go: if your last name begins with A—M, go get the iPhone. If your last name begins with N—Z, order the Android. Have fun!