Fetch Email and Retrieve in GMAIL

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We’ve talked quite a bit about GMAIL at The Tech Byte. Especially if you’ve ever hung out with me. I love GMAIL as not only my email platform but for keeping my communications so organized and fetching multiple email addresses into one spot for me. It happens almost every day that I use the search function to find a message in my history and within seconds I see the search result.

Let’s Go Get your EMAIL from another Service

If you do not want to use the Forwarding method of retrieval like we talk about in the Email All in One Post, you have another option to retrieve emails by using the POP method.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open GMAIL Settings using the wheel in the upper, right corner of your Inbox.
  2. Navigate to the [Accounts] tab
  3. Select [Add a POP3 mail account you own]
  4. Complete the email address
  5. Your Username and Password should be the same credentials you use to currently check your email with your account provider. The next set of options should auto complete for popular email providers, but if you don’t see your POP Server or Port listed – get those settings from your current email account provider.  Leave a copy of retrieved messages on server will keep emails in GMAIL until you delete, however, if you delete in GMAIL they will remain on your server (think… space problem unless you need it).  Always use a secure connection I recommend leaving selected. Label incoming messages will help keep the messages from this email address in one place for you. Archive incoming messages will not show new messages from this email address in your inbox (use this selection with caution).
  6.  After you select [Add Account] you will be prompted through choices to add this email address as a “reply to” address. Any messages that come addressed to this email address that you reply to will show coming from that same edress. (We talked more about this in the Reply from Same Address with GMAIL post)

GMAIL checks your incoming POP3 account email more frequently if your inbox is busy. You can always navigate to the [Accounts] tab and click [check mail now] under the Email Account listed in the “Check mail from other accounts” section if you need it to come quicker.