Hola! Merhaba! Ciao! Bonjour!

Hello!icons with languages around the earth

Many of you know I was an Air Force brat growing up in a post office box as we moved from base to base. Even as a teenager, I embraced the language of the country in which I resided, so learning languages has been fun for me. Of course, I can only speak English fluently and if I try anything else you end up hearing a mix of Turkish, Spanish, German, French, and maybe even a little bit of English ;) .

Duolingo App Makes Learning a Language Fun

My family was discussing their points and levels earned on their language app and my eyes were opened to Duolingo, available for the Android and iOS devices. (Oh! You can even learn via computer browser.) Currently, Duolingo offers:English from French

Spanish from English (my current lesson)
German from English
French from English
Portuguese from English
Italian from English
and some English from options
There are skill sets in writing, reading, listening, and speaking for different learning options within each lesson.

Expand your Knowledge

There are so many benefits to learning a foreign language or brushing up on one you learned in school including something else to share with clients across different languages. Dan Roitman shares more benefits including How Bilingualism Boosts your Brain.


It is always a joy to connect across networks with people. I’m KimSalmons and progressing slowly, but I try to get a lesson in every day. Currently I’m working in Spanish, but you can watch the leaderboard across languages.