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The Tech Byte

The Tech Byte was founded in 2008 to provide technology training to small business owners designed specifically to help them make “connections” with their clients. We at TTB are very passionate about helping you not just reach current and prospective clients, but to actually connect with them to increase your bottom line.

The Tech Byte Team

Our team of subject matter experts are ready to share their knowledge with you. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Matt SalmonsMatt with iphone

Matt is the CEO and believes that the measure of his own success is a direct result of how successful his clients are – and he doesn’t stop at simply exceeding the goals put in place. He does not work behind a closed door as the “gate keeper”, rather his door remains open and he wants to hear what he can do to help ensure your experience with The Tech Byte is nothing short of a “birdie”. Birdie? Yes, Matt will often be found working for as many birdies as he can on the golf course – but remember – you can be connected anywhere at any time. Once, as shown in the picture, he was even a hand model for a picture showing how connected you can remain no matter where you are.


Kim SalmonsKim Salmons

Kim stands ready to assist in making the sometimes intimidating technology experience a bit less painful as the CTO. Whether you are someone who tremors at the word tech or if you consider yourself a fellow geek, Kim can help you understand the ever-changing technology tools that will help you stay connected in your business with your clients.

Linda Davis

Linda calls herself “The Seasoned Geek” and proves that anyone can do it! She is a sought-after educator and speaker on all technology topics and has successfully created a local following of community members in her area via platforms she has created for networking. Linda is available for speaking engagements and writing assignments – focused on technology and maybe a kitty-cat here and there.

Lesley Lambert

Lesley is a devoted trainer and teacher who leads with encouragement and expertise as The Tech Byte Team’s Lead Coach. Lesley is available for individual training and also speaking engagements. She makes technology easy to understand and is very patient in explanations and providing hands-on experiences.

Our Advisory Board

Our board has volunteers we can count on for professional advice as service providers. We appreciate their devotion to The Tech Byte and please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone if you want to speak to someone who stands by The Tech Byte for no financial benefit.

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The Tech Byte Team