About Linda Davis

I've been selling real estate in Eastern Connecticut for over 35 years. I've been blessed with a great business and have won a whole bunch of awards. I owned RE/MAX Realty Group for 23 years and sold the business a few years back but stayed with the company. So in addition to my Ledyard real estate business, I now have more time to speak about blogging, social networking, and other real estate solutions. I am active in my community and proving that politics and real estate can mix, I am an elected official in my town and serve as Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Ledyard Town Council. I have been blogging since February 2005. My blog "Simply Ledyard" tackles real estate, land use issues and even local politics, mostly with a sense of humor. In 2012, I was named the VP of The Tech Byte. I think of myself as a "Seasoned Geek".