LinkedIn via Print

Sometimes it is just easier to work with a piece of paper vs. paperless. While working on an update to my LinkedIn profile, I needed to take pen to paper and scratch it all out.

Here is how to do it…

  1. Navigate to your profile on LinkedIn when you are logged in.
  2. Next to the [Edit Profile] click on the drop down arrow.
  3. Choose [Export to PDF].
  4. From there you can print.


Thanks, Mike Mueller of , for your great idea on how to use your LinkedIn via Print! See what you get when you share thoughts on Facebook? Great people like Mike chime in and help even more!

What a fabulous idea!

Come Hangout and Learn Some GMAIL & Calendar Tips

Join Kim as she shares some tips to stay organized using GMAIL and Google Calendar on Thursday, January 30th at 10:00AM Eastern time using Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Jeff Tincher and Carla Wilson of The Chester County Marketing Group will be hosting the Google Hangout and you can watch the Hangout right here.

If you can’t make it during airtime, no worries, come back to this post and you can watch the video recording.

You can also visit the event page on Google+ - Google Goodness with Kim Salmons by clicking here. If you have any questions, please post them on the event page.

Thank you, Chester County Marketing Group, for having me! If you are looking for Online Marketing Consultants and Freelancers for your small business, visit their website at

Adding a Facebook Administrator to your Business Page

There are times you need to add another Administrator to your Facebook Business page so they can post and monitor engagement for you. This could be for an Assistant, Partner, or maybe even The Tech Byte Team if you have hired us to help with your social media marketing.

First, log into your Facebook account and navigate to your Business Page.

Select the dropdown option “Manage Admin Roles” from the menu under “Edit Page”



Next, you can either enter a Facebook Friend’s username or enter an email address.



You can assign different roles to your Administrator:

Manager- Can manage admin roles, send messages, create posts, create ads, and view insights.

Content Creator- Can edit the page, send messages, create posts, create ads, and view insights.

Moderator- can respond to and delete comments, send messages, create ads, and view insights.

Advertiser- can create ads and view insights.

Insights Analyst- can view insights.

Featured Club Member: Yolanda Lowe

Featured Club Member:


Yolanda Lowe

A new featured to The Tech Byte blog is introducing you to our fabulous Club Members. Yolanda Lowe is our first featured member and we are so privileged to have her as one of the smart real estate agents in our club sharing and  embracing technology in her practice of selling homes on the CT Shoreline.

We asked Yolanda some questions:

Q: Where do you enjoy your morning coffee?
A: At home after my morning walk during my spiritual routine.

Q: Where do you file transaction documents?
A: I use Dropbox and Evernote, this is a work in progress. My goal for 2014 is to master one that I can proficiently use for my business.

Q: Please introduce us to your Tech Devices.
A: iPhone, 2 Tablets (One I won from The Tech Byte for proudly referring a friend), 2 Laptops, 1 Camera (I use my husband’s Nikon, but for the most part I use my iPhone)

My latest challenge is to learn Windows 8 after replacing a laptop that crashed.

Q: Do you have any advice for newbies on where to start with technology?
A: Join The Tech Byte Club – For me it was the best money spent in 2012, I am so ever thankful to Linda Davis for introducing me to The Tech Byte, I have met many talented people and learned much. My best lesson for 2013 has been listen to the calls and prioritize my list of areas I want to master. I am proud to say that I have completed my business page: “Simply CT Shoreline”. Another good lesson has been to Google my name and update all my info on the Social Media Sites – This I must say is time consuming, but very valuable.

Q: When did you last belly laugh and why?
A: Christmas Eve with my family, we don’t exchange gifts, but we bring a grab bag item, the kids participate as well, it is so much fun watching the kids when they need to give up the gift they just won. This is teaching them how to share at the same time.

Q: If we got to shadow you for a day what would we see that would make us smile?
A: I am not sure you would smile as I get up at 5:30 to meet my 2 friends for our morning walk, when you see the most beautiful sunrise, that will make you smile, and of course our company. When I get home from my walk, my loving husband will greet me with a smoothie, and if you are shadowing me, he would make you one too, to start the day healthy. We will enjoy that with Bella, my dog on our lap while reading our spiritual of choice. After our smoothie we get a cup of coffee served by my husband. I am working on mastering my leading generation in the morning (my goal for 2014 make this perfect). The rest of the day I attend meetings, meet clients or friends for lunch.

Q: What song is most played right now on your list?
A: Believe in Yourself by Michelle Cox

Q: What is the last app you downloaded?
A: Tripit – great way to keep track of travelling info such as flight and agenda

Yolanda is a REALTOR(R) with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Connecticut.

Evernote Comparison Chart

There are three different plans you can choose for utilizing Evernote. Free, Premium, or Business. Here are the main comparisons as well as some interesting facts with each plan:

Evernote Comparison Chart

1/15/14 8:00PM -
Edited to correct #of Notebooks and Search per Brian at Evernote. Thank you, Brian!

Which version do you use?

If you haven’t signed up for Evernote yet, you can try a free month of premium service by using this referral link: Try Evernote from The Tech Byte.

Hola! Merhaba! Ciao! Bonjour!

Hello!icons with languages around the earth

Many of you know I was an Air Force brat growing up in a post office box as we moved from base to base. Even as a teenager, I embraced the language of the country in which I resided, so learning languages has been fun for me. Of course, I can only speak English fluently and if I try anything else you end up hearing a mix of Turkish, Spanish, German, French, and maybe even a little bit of English ;) .

Duolingo App Makes Learning a Language Fun

My family was discussing their points and levels earned on their language app and my eyes were opened to Duolingo, available for the Android and iOS devices. (Oh! You can even learn via computer browser.) Currently, Duolingo offers:English from French

Spanish from English (my current lesson)
German from English
French from English
Portuguese from English
Italian from English
and some English from options
There are skill sets in writing, reading, listening, and speaking for different learning options within each lesson.

Expand your Knowledge

There are so many benefits to learning a foreign language or brushing up on one you learned in school including something else to share with clients across different languages. Dan Roitman shares more benefits including How Bilingualism Boosts your Brain.


It is always a joy to connect across networks with people. I’m KimSalmons and progressing slowly, but I try to get a lesson in every day. Currently I’m working in Spanish, but you can watch the leaderboard across languages.

But you aren’t a Giraffe!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you seen your friends’ profile pictures rapidly changing to giraffes on Facebook? It’s like a herd tower of giraffe has stumbled upon my Newsfeed.

I just love people having fun and I would have played along as this is a result of a riddle game, which I also love. However, the answer was spoiled for me as I pondered the riddle so I disqualified myself.

You never know what will go viral in Social Media and this one has swarmed in fast.

Posted as statuses is the game and riddle with some variations introduced along the way:

I have had to change my profile to a giraffe. I tried to answer a riddle and got it wrong. Try the great giraffe challenge! The deal is, I give you a riddle. You get it right you get to keep your profile pic. You get it wrong and you change your profile pic to a giraffe for the next 3 days. MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY SO YOU DON’T GIVE OUT THE ANSWER.

3:00 AM the doorbell rings and wake you wake up. Unexpected visitors-your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?

Remember, MESSAGE ME only. You get it right I’ll post your name here and you will be, well, smarter than me. If you get it wrong – change your profile picture.

Hope to see your smiling faces out there – not giraffes, although, they are quite amazing creatures.

Fetch Email and Retrieve in GMAIL

Global communication with GMAILKim isn’t Quiet about GMAIL

We’ve talked quite a bit about GMAIL at The Tech Byte. Especially if you’ve ever hung out with me. I love GMAIL as not only my email platform but for keeping my communications so organized and fetching multiple email addresses into one spot for me. It happens almost every day that I use the search function to find a message in my history and within seconds I see the search result.

Let’s Go Get your EMAIL from another Service

If you do not want to use the Forwarding method of retrieval like we talk about in the Email All in One Post, you have another option to retrieve emails by using the POP method.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open GMAIL Settings using the wheel in the upper, right corner of your Inbox.
  2. Navigate to the [Accounts] tab
  3. Select [Add a POP3 mail account you own]
  4. Complete the email address
  5. Your Username and Password should be the same credentials you use to currently check your email with your account provider. The next set of options should auto complete for popular email providers, but if you don’t see your POP Server or Port listed – get those settings from your current email account provider.  Leave a copy of retrieved messages on server will keep emails in GMAIL until you delete, however, if you delete in GMAIL they will remain on your server (think… space problem unless you need it).  Always use a secure connection I recommend leaving selected. Label incoming messages will help keep the messages from this email address in one place for you. Archive incoming messages will not show new messages from this email address in your inbox (use this selection with caution).
  6.  After you select [Add Account] you will be prompted through choices to add this email address as a “reply to” address. Any messages that come addressed to this email address that you reply to will show coming from that same edress. (We talked more about this in the Reply from Same Address with GMAIL post)

GMAIL checks your incoming POP3 account email more frequently if your inbox is busy. You can always navigate to the [Accounts] tab and click [check mail now] under the Email Account listed in the “Check mail from other accounts” section if you need it to come quicker.

Facebook is Noisy

It can be noisy on Facebook and difficult to see the updates you want to see and when you want to see them.

In Facebook Groups, there is a Notifications drop down box where you can make your selection:



To get alerted to an update when Notifications are turned on – you will see a red box with a white number in the icon that looks like a globe in the upper toolbar. You can also have notifications come to your email or text message inbox by setting your preferences in Settings/Account settings/Notifications.

Don’t Miss your Emails

What is your first place you look when you know you should have received an email and yet it isn’t appearing in your Inbox? Probably your SPAM folder and sometimes they are hiding there.

It could help to add your e-mail sender to your safe contact list.

It’s different for each separate email provider but if you are using Outlook:

  1. Go to Tools in the upper toolbar.
  2. Go to Options.
  3. Click on Junk email under the Email section of the Preferences tab.
  4. Click Safe Senders and Add the person’s email address then click OK.

If you are using GMAIL, AOL or your MAC eMail you can try just adding the contact to your Address Book or Contact List.

PS In GMAIL, I also created a filter saying, “EMAILS from = NEVER send to spam” if they still weren’t behaving.