GMAIL | Using Signatures

Email signatures come in many different sizes and shapes. You can customize your GMAIL Signature by following the steps below.

Log in to your GMAIL account. Click on the Settings wheel (in the upper, right corner) and go to the General Tab. Towards the lower part of the page, you’ll see email signatures. If you have multiple email accounts, use the drop down menu to select and customize each email account with a different signature.

I recommend you keep your email signatures short and sweet. The one in the above example might be a little too short for your fancy. Include the pertinent information without making it a cluttered up mess.

Here is a sample of my signature for my email at The Tech Byte:
K i m W o o d
President, The Tech Byte
(877) 348-6090 x100

inspire. train. implement

Setting up multiple accounts to forward into one main GMAIL Account can save you lots of time and aggravation. You can learn more about getting your Email All in One Place here.

GMAIL | Reply Using Same Email Address

Let’s talk about how you can reply to email messages with the same email address the message was sent to. This is helpful if you have set up multiple email accounts to forward to your Main GMAIL account.

Log into your Main GMAIL Account.

Go to Settings, Account and about half way down the page, look for Send Mail As: You need to select one email address as your default, this is what will be used to send messages when you compose a new message. To reply as other email addresses you own (that you have set up to forward), select Add another email address you own. Please read about treating email as alias here to make your choice. Most of mine are set up as an alias, but you should read about the difference and make your choice.

Follow the steps you see in the pop up box. You can set up to use the email servers of your forwarded account if you would like, be sure and have the smtp server name, username, and password handy if you choose to send email that way. You will have to enter a confirmation number just like you did when forwarding email.

You can set up multiple email addresses to reply as the same email account it was sent to. See my various email addresses feeding into my main GMAIL Account here:

As you can see above, there is an option under When replying to a message to choose between always sending from your default email account (this is helpful if you want to change your email address) or if you want to reply to the same edress the message was sent to.

You may also want to set up multiple email signatures for each account. See this post: GMAIL | Using Signatures.

Email All in One Place

Managing a number of different email accounts can be grueling if you have to log into each one separately to check and reply to messages. Why not have them all go into one place? Sign into one place and check your various email addresses – and- you can even reply as the same email address the message was sent to with GMAIL.

I love GMAIL. I can’t believe I fought letting go of Outlook a few years ago, but honestly, I never looked back once I did. There is just too much Google Goodness to miss anything else.

Let’s talk about how you can gather all of your emails in one place. Note: There is more than one way to do this, I am going with the easy way for you. (Reference: Fetch Email and Retrieve in GMAIL for the POP3 method)

  1. If you don’t have a GMAIL account, sign up for your free Google Email account here. We will call this your Main GMAIL account. This is where we’ll set up all of your email to feed into.
  2. Sign in to each of your email accounts and set up to forward all email to your Main GMAIL account. If your additional account(s) are GMAIL edresses, go to Settings (the wheel in the upper, right corner), Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Add your Main GMAIL edress.
  3. GMAIL will send a confirmation email to your Main GMAIL edress to verify forwarding is what you really want. The email will have a confirmation number which you will need to enter in the settings of your forwarded email account.

That’s it to have your email messages forwarded. Follow the steps for each email account you would like to forward to your Main GMAIL account. But, how do you reply as the same email address it was sent to? Check out this post: GMAIL | Reply Using Same Email Address. You can also set up email signatures for each account, see this post: GMAIL | Using Signatures.

PDF Converter

In any business, you often have the need to edit a PDF or convert a document or image to PDF.  One that we use at The Tech Byte is PDFill PDF Editor . There is both a free and paid version (about $30) of this product. We use the upgraded paid version for our business.

The two best benefits for us is  Save to PDF and Edit PDF. We do a lot of work with companies and associations, so it is imperative that we have the ability to edit PDF’s. Often times they will want edits to existing workbooks and this is a huge time saver so we don’t need to recreate the entire book. We can convert the material, make our edits and resave.

Another great use is when you receive a Form via email that needs to be completed and returned.  Generally, you have to print the form and scan it back. With PDFill PDF Editor you can actually complete the form and return it.

Like any new software it takes some getting used to. We suggest you play with it a bit so you can get the hang of it. Once you learn it, I bet you’ll use it over and over again!

How to Embed YouTube Videos

So you have a YouTube Channel and a website. There are many ways to get a video onto your website, but embedding the video is definitely the best way and will get you more views while keeping your audience on your website instead of venturing off to YouTube.

  1. Go to the video you want to embed on YouTube
  2. Click “Share” below your video.
  3. Click “Embed.”
  4. Make sure you uncheck “Show suggested videos when the video finishes.”
  5. Select your size and copy the code from the box. (you can even create a custom size)
  6. Paste it into your website (you must be in source code or HTML view).
  7. Save and go push play on your new video.
Note: Embedding code is not a good time to use the Save Draft, Preview, Publish steps that we usually teach. Just paste the code and hit Publish! WordPress can get a little attitude and remove code if you try to preview first.

You’ll have a thumbnail of your video with a play button right on your website. So much better than just a link!


Google Drive is Coming

You may have noticed a notice when accessing your Google Documents telling you that your account will be switched over to Google Drive soon. Google Drive is the newest release from Google that allows file storage, sharing and collaboration all in one and is replacing the popular Google Documents. The interface is very similar to Google Docs so don’t panic. You have options to download Drive to your computer for easy synchronizing. Log into your current Google Documents to download now or go to

Google Drive provides up to 5MB of storage for free which is plenty providing you aren’t uploading tons images and/or videos. There are better storage options for videos and images but that is for another article. Drive does allow you to purchase more space for just $2.49 a month.

As you know we are huge proponents of Google tools. After all they are free and for most, the tools are more than adequate for your needs.
If you aren’t already using Google in your real estate business we suggest you start using Google Drive today. The uses are limitless!

  • Share transaction documents for easy access anywhere with a computer
  • Buyer/Seller Reports
  • Open House Feedback Forms
  • Client Surveys
  • Obtain testimonials
  • Create planning documents with your team
  • Listing Presentations can be shared
  • Share transaction documents with your tech-savvy clients.

Drive is currently available with your Mac, PC and Android devices. Drive notes that iPhone and iPad access is coming soon and Google is pretty quick about rolling things out.