Confirmation – Pinterest for Real Estate Agents Checklist

I hope you enjoyed our webinar on “Pinterest for Real Estate Agents” today!

Your Pinterest Checklist for Real Estate Agents is making its way into your INBOX.

I would love to hear your feedback from today’s presentation.

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Confirmation – Pinterest for Real Estate Agents Checklist — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve taught Pinterest a couple times at RE BarCamps and I like how you showed how to use it for real estate. Great advice about not being to “real estatey” and to keep it REAL. Your webinars are always fun and your happy voice is like sunshine. You’re awesome, Kim! Have a BLAST in Disneyland!

  2. Thank you so much for your seamless presentation on Pinterest. I learned a great deal and so appreciated how easy it was to follow your content.

  3. Great job. I am putting the final touches on a lead generation one day CRS class and found your information interesting. In case you want to have a quote, or have a short piece of relevant tips, be sure to let me know.
    Thanks again for the seminar.

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