General Videos

Access all of  The Tech Byte General Member pre-recorded videos. These cover everything from marketing to content, do’s and don’ts and more.

Using Online Tools for Time Management
Join Linda as she walks through many online tools available to help you increase your productivity and be organized.

Blogging – Writing Content
Learn how to Effectively write blog content to get traffic

Global Mobile Revolution
Mobility in  Real Estate Transaction is the wave of the future

Hub and Spokes
Learn how to successfully use your entire internet presence to capture leads.

How to Choose a CRM
Customer Relations Manager systems are a key component to today’s business.

Profile 101 and Beyond
There is an art to writing a compelling online Profile

Emailing Marketing that Makes Sense
What and how often you send emails to client’s is very important

Marketing Plans that Work
You need to have a plan to your marketing to make it effective

Marketing to Multiple Generations
Each generation responds differently to specific marketing methods

Powerful Online Marketing Strategy
Once you have a plan you need to know how to implement it.



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