Mastering your Technology Suitcase

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Mastering your Tech Suitcase

Tech Tools a Plenty!

We are often asked where to start with technology and how to keep track of all of the latest and greatest claims of various technologies to make your life easier and your business soar. Attend this Technology Camp to find out the best tools and how to implement them into your business. In each session, tools and applications will be discussed and you will learn those that you wish to consider or utilize as well as those that might not be the right fit for you. Websites, Apps & Tools, Software Programs and Hardware Gadgets will be our focus as we dig deep into making you more efficient and paperless.

Key Points of Focus

  • Best Practices
  • Overview & Analysis
  • Marketing & Productivity
  • Internet Presence
  • Implementation

Technologies in Short

It’s impossible to list every topic we will be discussing, but here is a list to get you started. If you don’t see something covered that you are very interested in, speak up!

Websites-Facebook-Dropbox-iPad- Twitter-Pinterest-GMAIL-Wordpress-Evernote-YouTube-Photography-Marketing-Ring Central-Google-Printers-Android-Flickr-Yelp-Slideshare-CRMs-Docusign-WiFi-Blogging-Internet Security-Power Point- eNewsletters-Maps-Yelp-Google+-Risk Management-Calendars-Excel-SKYPE-Apps-Tablets-Instagram-Kindle-Contacts-Import/Export-Google Forms-Smartphones-LinkedIn- and more!

What’s in it for You?

We will have 8 one-hour sessions via online webinar classes; one per week alternating Tuesdays & Thursdays. These classes will also be recorded for you. Each week will include a Checklist/Workbook for quick reference and review of the session. Homework will be assigned each session and tips will be provided to help you implement what you learn into your business practice. We will also have a Private Facebook Group to use for Accountability, Support, and Sharing.
(Session dates: 12/31, 1/9, 1/14, 1/23, 1/28, 2/6, 2/11, 2/18 at 2PM Eastern time. Remember, we will record these for you as well)

Don’t Miss Out!

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