“Love, Love how with bite size nuggets you give us what we need. I’ve enjoyed every “camp” and the webinar’s we have access too. 
Would recommend anyone interested in social media in real estate to join!!!”

Melissa Thompson


“Technology itself is always evolving. What worked a year ago, may be obsolete today. To keep a competitive edge (and to keep my head from exploding), I am relying on The  Tech Byte Coaching Team. Loads of information at my fingertips and humans to patiently answer my questions during Open Tech Support hours. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without them. Highly recommended!”

Tina McManus


“Love the new program and great benefits…The blogging camp was the best! Tech Byte membership programs offer practical and easy to implement solutions to help us understand and keep up with all the new technology bombarding us every day.”

Liz Papenbrock



“The Tech Byte is fantastic. The information and assistance that you receive from being a meber of The Tech Byte is invaluable – A MUST for anyone who is working in real estate TODAY.”

Carolyn Doughty




“Tech Byte has provided me with information I have not found anywhere else.  The facts come in easy to follow formats that only enhance what we have learned earlier and help us better to understand what is to come.  Tech Byte is a wonderful way to keep ahead in this fast paced technological world.”

Lynn Skuraton


“I  just closed on a house as a direct result of using techniques I learned from The Tech Byte Coaching. My clients said they saw I was a techie and they just had to work with me. I used every form of technology from start to finish on the way to the closing table.”

Sonja Lovas


“Thanks  …….you are the best. I am continually learning from you. I love all your tid bits of info on facebook. As soon as I slow down a bit, I will be calling your team to help me get all this social media stuff organized…whew…its all over my head…thank God for you and your team.”

Sandra Gross


“If you want to learn, join the Tech Byte Team! Nothing more to say.”

Chris Weber

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